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Sunny California! What better place to have solar related products. But there are a lot of other places that are great for using solar products. If you are looking for the latest solar technology, 2012 solar panels are available now. This is the place to look. There are many different solar panels for sale in 2012. When you consider how much the sun shines in many parts of the world, it makes sense to capture some of that bright solar energy and use it for our good. Did you realize that there is enough solar energy absorbed by the Earth’s surface in one single hour to power every device on the planet for a full year? The key is finding an efficient way to harness that power and make it useful for us. That picture is coming together more clearly every day as new technology is being developed and introduced.

This site is dedicated to bring to you a vast array of solar energy products including, but not limited to solar panels and solar lights. Solar products can make life much more comfortable while saving us money. There are many different solar products available to us today.

Southern California Solar

What is Southern California solar? Solar power isn’t unique to Southern California. It is true that all of California is sunny a good portion of the year. But did you realize there are other parts of the United States that are even sunnier? The sunniest city in the U.S. is Yuma, Arizona with 242 sunny days a year. This doesn’t include partly sunny or partly cloudy days. Phoenix, Arizona is second with 211 sunny days per year, followed by Las Vegas, Nevada with 210 sunny days. There are even four other California cities that are sunnier than Los Angeles, California. They are Bishop, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Sacramento, none of which are in Southern California. Los Angeles is actually the 10th sunniest city in the United States. These figures were gathered by the World Facts And Figures. You can go to their site for a full list of cities along with lots of other interesting information. You may find that where you live may have more than enough sunlight to provide all the energy you need.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar has been commonly used for decades to heat water. Solar hot water heating systems are still very popular solar products. Most all countries have tapped into this technology for a number of years. You can buy hot water systems and have them installed on the roof of your home. There are two basic kinds of solar hot water systems; a passive solar hot water system and an active solar hot water system. The passive solar hot water heater is also known as a “close-coupled” system which uses a process called “thermo-siphon” to draw hot water up into a horizontally mounted tank which is mounted above the solar hot water panels. The active solar hot water system utilizes a “pump-circulated” system which pumps water through the solar collectors to heat the water.

The passive system is used to heat water for in-home use while the active system is most often used to heat a swimming pool or larger amounts of water. There are some commercial solar applications where parabolic mirrors are used to focus the sun’s rays onto tubing to produce very hot water or large quantities of hot water. With commercial applications, often times the fluid that passes through the solar collectors is not the water that is being heated, but another fluid containing anti-freeze which is carried to a large container where a heat exchanger heats the water. There are a number of companies that install these systems in most communities where sunshine is prevalent. There are also various manufacturers and design applications.

Home Solar Power Systems

A home solar power system typically is made up of a number of solar panels which collect solar energy and use a process called photovoltaic to convert that energy from solar energy to electrical energy. Most of these solar systems use an inverter to convert Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) which is used by most home appliances. As current is produced, any surplus electricity is fed back into the grid. Your power meter actually turns backwards when this happens.

There is another kind of system that doesn't feed into the grid. The off-grid solar power systems are completely self-contained. They have their own batteries to hold any charge that isn't used at the time of production. An inverter is then used to convert the Direct Current (DC) stored within the batteries to Alternating Current (AC) to be used with home appliances and lights.

Solar home power systems have become very popular in a number of the sunnier states, including California, Florida, and Arizona. These systems, without state and federal tax incentives are still on the expensive side. But with these tax incentives, in many areas of the country, the cost is pretty much cut in half. If you live in a highly populated area, there are probably dozens of solar companies in your area. It’s a good idea to shop around when looking to buy a solar electric system. Good reputable companies will be able to show you pictures of their installations, and offer you references to check out. If installed properly, a solar electric system looks attractive and is very efficient. Make sure that a professional does an energy audit and study to see where the panels should be placed for optimal energy production, and how many panels you may need. There are some programs now where you have no out of pocket expense. These are more of a lease program. With tax incentives, the payoff on many solar energy systems is typically 6 to 8 years. After that, your electricity is free. You can check online for photovoltaic panels for sale.

Home Solar Products

You don’t have to buy a complete solar power system to purchase and enjoy dozens of solar products for home use. There are all kinds of solar home lights to buy. Most of these lights are very reasonably priced. What is great about solar lights is they don’t need electrical wires to get them to work. There are so many home applications that are quick, easy, and affordable. Pathway lights add a touch of class to your home. No more low voltage wires running everywhere. The sun shines during the day and your lights light brightly all night long. There are solar street lights, solar pool lights, solar garden lights; and the list goes on.

But solar lights aren’t the only home solar products available. Have you thought about cooling the temperature in your attic to help on your energy bill? There are solar attic fans that run exclusively off the sun’s energy and cool your attic at the same time. What a concept!

Talking about cooling, how about solar air conditioning? That’s right; you can even buy a solar air conditioner. There are different kinds of solar air conditioners. Some are powered by hot water. You may think that doesn’t make sense; but it does. This kind of solar air conditioner uses absorption chillers. These chillers use no harmful CFC (Freon, etc.) and some of these units don’t even have moving parts.  The absorption chiller air conditioning units are the lowest in cost to operate, and have the best return on investment of all air conditioning systems in the world.  There are also DC solar powered air conditioning units. These units rely on solar panels that convert solar to electrical DC voltage. This voltage charges four 12 volt deep cycle batteries that power the air conditioner. These systems can be purchased for as little as $3,500.

Solar Cars

Solar technology isn’t restricted to your home or business. Although solar cars aren’t being produced in the U.S. they are being sold in China. Zhejiang 001 Group has produced a solar car that has a range of 90 miles and takes about 30 hours to get a complete charge. This is one of the disadvantages of solar energy.  This solar car sells for 38,000 yuan (US $5,560). When it comes to cars, solar technology has a long way to go.

Best Solar Technology

Solar technology continues to develop. MIT has developed a new method of spraying a film of photovoltaic material onto most any surface, and develop electrical energy as a result. There are now windows with a solar transparent film material that can generate electrical current.

MIT has also discovered something that may overcome a major barrier to solar power being unleashed. They have discovered a new way for storing solar energy to use when the sun isn’t shinning. "This is the nirvana of what we've been talking about for years," said MIT's Daniel Nocera, Professor of Energy at MIT. "Solar power has always been a limited, far-off solution. Now we can seriously think about solar power as unlimited and soon."

MIT developed a genius way storing the sun’s energy learned from a natural function that has taken place since the beginning of time; that of photosynthesis. What this new process does is uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The oxygen and hydrogen are later recombined inside a fuel cell which creates carbon-free electricity.

As technology continues to advance, and new solar products emerge. 2012 solar panels for sale are available pretty much anywhere.   will bring it to your attention. Remember, the sun is s source of unlimited power. Start tapping into that infinite supply of energy!